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Full Body Sound 
|Tactile Music relief| 
Combating Pain with the Power of Music And Science


How It Works

How it works

The fundamental technology behind Full Body Sound (FBS) was derived from Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices. These medical devices have been around for decades and have offered pain relief to hundreds of thousands of people.


Pain relief you can Share and Feel


Our Beta Device 


Full Body Sound's flagship product is a handheld device that receives audio and outputs tactile audio stimulation.


 Full Body Sound Applications


Combating Pain  


Enhancing Accessibility




 Healing / Wellness 


Immersive Experiences 

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Allison  Hale 

Founder and Head of Operations

Allison is a master of rocks. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree from the Colorado School of Mines. Music and the expression of sound has always held an important place in Allison’s life, and she is eager to share the Full Body Sound experience with others. Allison helps promote Full Body Sound by making contacts in the community, and she offers a realistic and grounded point-of-view for the company. 


Griffin Hale 

Founder and Inventor

When he is not working on Full Body Sound, Griffin is a rocket scientist. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in aerospace engineering and a minor in Biochemistry, he is currently working on the Dream Chaser Spacecraft for SNC. Griffin’s developed technical background and problem solving skills in combination with his experience in an established industry have prepared him to run a successful hardware startup company. Griffin is also an avid adventurer. 


Steven Dourmashkin 

Engineer / Advisor

Steven brings a wealth of technical and business knowledge from his previous experience with founding and selling his own successful music hardware company.


Hunter Allen 

Product Manager

An engineering graduate of CU Boulder with a minor in business, Hunter brings a well-rounded skill set and a sense of determination to the team. If you see a guy walking around, dorkily dancing and rapping along to every word on his Audio-Technica headphones, you might have just witnessed a wild Hunter in his natural habitat.


Mat N.jpeg

Matthew Neutra

Audio Experience Innovations Lead  Bose

Matthew Neutra has been at the bleeding edge of immersive media, experience design and digital signage for over a decade and an half.  His passion for storytelling, clear communication and technology have driven him to experiment, tinker and build extraordinary experiences.  These include a stereoscopic dome theater with one of a kind immersive audio, a full scale immersive Millennium Falcon experience, audio AR, immersive branched narrative, physical/digital immersion and all manner of spatial audio experiences.  Matt has a B.S. in Geology, and M.S. in Geo-information Science/Remote sensing and worked on the pre-cursor to Google Earth in the late 1990’s.  He likes rock climbing, ice climbing and he is a Libra.

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Contact Info


General Info and Beta Units:


(Left) Allison Hale: COO                

(Right) Griffin Hale: Founder / CEO 

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